Special Features Of Title Search Canada

In most cases, you would need to apply for a title search on a property to ensure who the owner of the property is.

Buying a new home is not a simple process – several factors should be considered: Price of the house, percentage, mortgage default insurance, taxes. However, there is one more point that should be considered: finding the title.

What is it?

The title search Canada is necessary when it comes to determining the owner of the property. Usually, the search is done using various public records, divorce documents, court records, and land records. The title search can tell you if someone else wants to be the owner of the same property or who the previous owners of the home were. Under the right circumstances, title searches can help you confirm that you are the sole owner of the property.

As a potential buyer of the property, you can order a title search from a real estate company or an attorney.

The cost of the search varies from situation to situation. Generally, the cost of searching for a title for a half-million dollar home is about $300. The price of the title agency’s services may also depend on the total amount of the loan taken out on the property. 

If you make a deal on your home, you will have to pay a fee for insurance. You may be able to include the cost of the title search in the fee.

Why should you do a title search Canada?

These documents serve the interests of both parties: the seller of the home and the potential buyer. For the buyer of the property, the information researched could be used for various documents: Judgments, Deeds of Maintenance, or Liens.

If you do not learn the facts you need through title research before you close on the purchase agreement, you can expect to incur high costs. If you buy insurance, it could protect you if the facts are found after the sale.

The advantage to the seller is that the title of the house ensures that there is no possibility of someone making a claim on your property.

Advantages of purchasing legal title insurance

This document serves as a guarantee that neither the seller nor the buyer will suffer any financial loss. The distinctive feature of legal title insurance is that it provides financial protection for events that have taken place in the past. A basic property insurance plan provides coverage for the following accidents:

  • Faulty accounting;
  • The property rights of another person;
  • Conditions that minimize the cost of the property;
  • Unresolved litigation. 

Can I do a title search on my own?

There are no barriers to you doing a title search on your own, however, the process might require a lot of paperwork. It might be a good idea to retain the services of an attorney.

Below is a list of steps to take if you want to conduct a title search on your own:

  • Request the legal description of the property;
  • File an application with the Examiner of Titles or the Recorder’s Office;
  • Request to inspect the public records;
  • Make an interpretation of the records to determine the status of the property. 

While it is certainly possible and legal to conduct a search on your own, it is not recommended by experts. An unprepared person would need a lot of time to familiarise themselves with the legal language of the documents.


Title searches are highly necessary in matters that involve protecting buyers and sellers from financial disasters. In some cases, avoiding a title search can result in financial loss. If you are playing such a big game as buying a house, it is better to protect yourself with this type of document. 

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